Mapping Mashups Workshop-Reflections

Ways we can use mapping & mashups in the classroom:

1) Mapping significant events in the life of a real or fictional person
2) Teaching kids to write memoirs
3) Historical events
4) getting to know your community/finding addresses/children’s favorite places
5) Looking at environments/rural v. urban, barren v. lush, etc.
6) immigration/geneology/origins
7) latitude/longitude
8) measuring between distances (mile index in map key)
9) social studies: historical sites that are pertinent to your grade level
10) teaching directions (right-left, N-S-E-W)
11) sharing between classrooms/community/epals
12) mapping languages around the world
13) teaching geography in a hands-on fashion/locating places on a map
14) In literature, finding addresses mentioned in the novel
15) Tracking a character’s journey in a novel
16) Biographies/author studies
17) Life skills: getting to know the city, learning neighborhoods

These ideas were generated by the teachers who participated in today’s workshop.


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