Blogs & Wikis in the Classroom

Welcome to the Workshop!

Blogs and wikis are two of the most cutting-edge and helpful tools in a technology-infused classroom. Both platforms allow students to collaborate effectively, practice writing and literacy skills, and publish work online (among other things). Today, we’ll be looking at both blogs and wikis, discussing the difference, seeing how some students & teachers are using this technology in the classroom, and finally, creating either a blog or a wiki of our own.

Today’s Agenda:

1) What are blogs and wikis? What’s the difference?

2) Overview of Blogging

3) Overview of Wikis

4) Reviewing classroom blogs and wikis

5) Creating a blog or a wiki for our classroom

Blog Links:

Blogging with Students

Blogging Across the Curriculum

Will Richardson’s blogging in the classroom site

Bud the Teacher’s Blog

Old School News Student Blog

The Secret Life of Bees Blog

Grandview Library Student Bloggers

Digital Anthology of Ms. Angala’s Exceptional Students

New York City Teacher Bloggers

Class Blogmeister

PS 261 Class 408 Blog

The Reflective Teacher

The Neighborhood School’s Blog

Live Journal



Wiki Links:

What’s a Wiki?


Education World article about student wikis:

High School Online Collaborative Writing:

The Neighborhood School’ wiki:

Middle School Math Wiki

Arbor Heights Elementary School Wikis

Roland Elementary School Wiki

Educators Hostile to Wikipedia?:


PB Wiki

How Can I Use a Wiki in the Classroom?

Wiki in a K-12 Classroom

The Art of Using Wikispaces to Teach



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2 responses to “Blogs & Wikis in the Classroom

  1. I’d like to share a math publishing plugin for that may be useful for math, science, and other teachers. It is called WordPress Math Publisher:

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