Digital Images in the Classroom

Welcome to the workshop. Today, we will be looking at digital imagery in the classroom. We’re starting from the very first step, taking photos from a digital camera, and leading up to doing something creative with the photos for a future classroom project.

The agenda for today will be:

1) Taking photos with a digital camera

2) Importing photos into a computer

3) Saving photos/creating folders

4) Reviewing & editing photos

5) Transform your Digital Photos: Big Huge Labs

6) Brainstorm: How can we use digital photos in our classroom?

Photo & Image Resources:

Google Images:

Setting filtering for Google Images:

Flickr photosharing:

NYPL Photographs:

Student Use Digital Images:

Kids Click Image Search:


News Snapshot from the New York Times:

Clip Art for Educators:

Oswego City‘s Photo Archive:

Library of Congress’ Digital Collections:

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs:

Big Huge Labs’ Photo Toys:


Slide Show Creator:

Teacher Projects:

Mrs. Jackson’s Morris Farm Alphabet Book:

Digital Cameras & Digital Imaging in the Classroom:

Teacher to Teacher:

Creative Uses for Digital Cameras in the Classroom:


Fun with Photos:

Documenting Your Year with iPhoto:

Working with Images on the Internet:

Digital Photography Glossary:


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