Welcome to the Workshop!

Kidspiration (the younger sister of Inspiration) is a software that allows elementary-level students to create concept maps, charts, graphs, and more. It helps students develop spatial, literacy, mathematical, logical and organizational skills, and helps the visual/conceptual learner in your classroom. It’s great for brainstorming, teaching main & related ideas, groups, writing organization, summarizing, parts of speech…and much more.

Today, we’ll see an overview of Kidspiration, talk about its features and functions, look at some Kidspiration projects across the curriculum, and finally, create a Kidspiration web of our own.


1) Introduction to Kidspiration

2) Kidspiration Functions & Features

3) Getting Started: Picture & Writing View

4) Classroom Kidspiration projects: find a good example

5) Create your own Kidspiration web

6) Brainstorm: How can we integrate Kidspiration into a current classroom unit or project?


Kidspiration Quick Start

Vicki Blackwell’s Kidspiration site

Kidspiration Templates

Classroom Projects:

Kidspired Frosty Tales

Kidspiration Case Studies

Kidspired Tales

Lesson Plans:

Kidspiration Ideas

Best Practices: Inspiration & Kidspiration

Kidspiration Lessons & Activities

Ideas for Using Kidspiration


Kidspiration Templates


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