“How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom”

Welcome to the Workshop! The Community LSO and Teachers Network are pleased to offer this workshop to teachers throughout New York City.

Today, we’ll be looking at some Internet resources for teachers, will register for online professional development courses being offered free of charge through Teachers Network, will review some free materials provided by Teachers Network, and will be experimenting with blogging and podcasting, two of the tools featured in the courses and on our CD-ROMs.

Here is today’s agenda, with some web links that will help you in today’s workshop and in the future:

1) About the Community LSO & Teachers Network partnership: how our PD can help you learn more about using technology in the classroom, what is being offered by the Community LSO and Teachers Network.

2) About Teachers Network: Who we are, and what services and resources we offer to teachers (most of which is free of charge).

3) Tour of the free materials: We’ll take a peek at the two CD-ROMs and grab a look at our book, How to Use the Internet In Your Classroom

4) How to Use the Internet Online Courses for Teachers: We’ll review the 8 courses being offered to teachers in the Community LSO. The web link is: http://teachersnetwork.org/clso

5) Register for one or more courses to start on May 5th.

6) Podcasting Demo: Sandy will demonstrate 2 methods to create podcasts on the fly, with no editing or special software required, via the web sites podomatic and gcast.

7) Blogging Hands-On: Use blogger to create your own blog in 3 simple steps.


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