iPhone Madness: Believe the Hype

I’m one of those crazies who got an iPhone on Friday morning. Yes, I had massive iPhone envy for the past year or so (being the Apple freak that I am), but had a perfectly fine Treo, and wanted to wait it out till version 2. Glad that I did.

First of all, I was on vacation in western Massachusetts this past week and smartly chose to go to the AT&T store in Northampton, MA to get the iPhone on Friday morning. Let me tell you…I wish I lived closer to this store…they ran a tight ship–much better than the idiots at my local AT&T store (make that stores…we’ve been to a few that were horrible) in northern NJ. We were given little cards to hold our place in line, and the manager, Bob, kept us informed as to how many 8GB and 16GB phones were still available. The staff was nice, the people waiting on line with me were nice…even passers-by (some of whom were more than a little crunchy and confused) were nice. Even with the iTunes snafu, Bob kept us up-to-date and came to visit the line outside every 15 mins or so. I can’t say I’ve ever had a better customer service experience, especially under the circumstances. Really.

Now I heard that fights broke out at stores in NYC on Friday, and today, while visiting the Soho Apple store, the line stretched around the corner…must have been well over 100 people waiting for an iPhone. I made a good choice! Not only did I get a phone…and the exact one I wanted (a black 16GB), but it was a positive experience. I was even able to activate it back at my father-in-law’s house an hour or so later (I had to laugh at all the OUTRAGE about this on the blogs. Jeez!). And the phone is really amazing.

This is my 1st iPhone, so I can’t compare it to version 1, but I am truly impressed. How many times do you have that experience…? I sort of always am left cold by most of my purchases. I want something so bad, I get it and then discover all the kinks and flaws along the way. Usually it’s that things aren’t as good as they are hyped up to be. In this case, the iPhone is even more than I had been expecting.

I love that it’s all-in-one. Every day, I used to carry my Treo, my iPod, my digital point-and-shoot camera, and my laptop. I get to now condense those into just my iPhone and my laptop…but in some circumstances, the iPhone is so powerful that I don’t need to bring my laptop along to as many places as I once would have.

The Internet connection is amazing. On the ride home from MA to NJ, I was playing YouTube videos in the car for my son. (The 3G network, as I can attest to, is pretty strong along the northeastern seaboard).

I love the apps. Get Evernote. Download it now. I’ve already used it a few times and love it. You can type a note, record a voice note, take a snapshot note…for free.

The web browser is real. For anyone who has a blackberry or a treo, the iPhone experience is far superior. You can do everything and see everything you can see on a regular web browser. A great deal of the work that I do now is online, so this no longer means having to download to do my work while being mobile (online courses were a bitch). I can now be fully productive on the train or even while running errands.

The one thing I don’t love is the on-screen keyboard. I’m making a lot of mistakes (they are easy to catch, but still). I was really cooking on that Treo keyboard, and now I feel like a beginning typist again. I’m assuming that I’ll speed up with time..?

Seriously…I feel like I’ve stepped into a whole new world. I’m already envisioning pitching my notebooks and pens for good (not an easy statement to make for a girl with a journal and pen fetish) and really moving digital 100%.

I’ll keep you updated if I do uncover any of those kinks and flaws…but so far, with heavily obsessive usage these past 3 days (my family has logged their complaints already), with the iPhone, it’s safe to believe the hype.


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