Web 2.0 Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop–

Please fill out my form to submit your Google Account. Below are accompanying links we’ll be using in the workshop today.

Video Links:

  1. The Machine is Us/ing Us (You Tube)
  2. An Anthropological Introduction to You Tube (Numa Numa song @ 1:55)
  3. How Google Saved a School
  4. Alike’s Ning Screencast
  5. Shift Happens (Did You Know?)
  6. NYC iSchool
  7. School of One
  8. Real-Life Twitter

School Case Studies:

  1. Berta Dreyfus, Staten Island, NY
  2. PS 170, Bronx, NY
  3. South Brooklyn Community High School, Brooklyn, NY
  4. CSI HS for International Studies, Staten Island, NY
  5. IS 339, Bronx, NY

21st Century Skills:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills (Route 21)
Framework Overview (PDF)

Professional Learning Communities:

  1. teachnetnyc.ning.com
  2. Classroom 2.0
  3. Youth Voices

Recommended Web 2.0 Sites:
Gmail (email)
Google Apps (complete array of apps)
Flickr (photo sharing)
Google Maps (mapping, location)
Animoto (video editing, presentation)
Ning (social networking)
Blogger or WordPress (blogging)
Weebly (web site creation)
Google Sites (wiki & web site)
Wikispaces (wikis)
VoiceThread (storytelling, presentations)
Vimeo (video sharing)
Evernote (note-taking, web clipping)
Diigo (social bookmarking, research, web clipping)

Please fill out the final reflection to provide feedback at the end of the day. Thanks!


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