Web Tools for Elementary Schools

These are my favorite tools and methods for working with young students.

(1) Voice Thread – Voice Thread allows users to create narrated slide show movies that can be shared over the web. Older students could create and narrate their own digital story. Younger students could comment on a drawing they created or just tell a short story.

(2) Google Earth & Google Maps – Wonderful tools for students to learn about places, from their own community to locations around the world. Google Earth is software that works with the web, while Google Maps is entirely online, with maps that are customizable.

(3) Animoto – Students are able to produce their own videos with this easy-to-use web site. Animoto stores your videos online so you don’t have to worry about storing large files.

(4) Webquests – These inquiry-based projects can be created by teachers to allow their students to work collaboratively in the classroom. Webquests provide students with quality web resources and then ask students to complete a complex, project-based task.

(5) Podcasting – Podcasts, similar to Voice Threads, are audio-based projects which mimic a broadcast radio show. Podcasts are excellent classroom projects since they touch upon a wide variety of skills, and are extremely motivating for students. Podcasts can be created with students of any age.

PS 79 Teachers, please take our educational technology needs assessment.


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